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Do you usually have such a high libido or is it mostly cause Misaki is just so irresistible?

"I can in fact go for a long period of time without sexual interaction; so the latter is true. Misaki is just too delectable to pass up."

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Huh. Misaki started cooking because of The*Kan? I always figured he started cooking to support his brother, then liked the manga because the mc's a cook.


"Don’t insult me, anon. Of course I am fully aware of  why he grew fond of cooking. I merely mentioned it may have been a factor. "


Usami-Sensei’s special fluffy delicious egg omelet super luxurious feast.

"I really should run far away.."

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How good is misakis cooking?

"His meals are delightful. He has a talent. Yet I feel most of his desire for cooking developed due to his love for that beloved sensei of his. That pisses me off a little.”

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What if every part of misakis body tasted like green peppers? And the taste got stronger depending on how intimate the part of his body and how aroused he was?

"I would refrain from tasting him, until I can no longer bare it of course. However, no matter the strength, I fail to see my love for Misaki fading, nor my need to ravish his body."